Your Horrible Family. Why are they so horrible? Why are they your family? They are we: Paul and Izzy.

Paul is a guy who lives in Chicago and likes to read, write, and arithmetic about comics and cartoons and zines, so expect some of that business around these digs. He also creatively writes for contracts and pleasure, and freelance edits as well (proofreading, line editing for technical and creative, developmental editing for fiction). He is gradually archiving/posting new creative stuffs on his tumblr, Tandem Fushigi.

Izzy is a part-time flamenco dancer and disciple of the Objectivist Church of Ayn Rand. As YHF’s silent partner, she is too busy kicking ass and ascending through the ranks of Austin’s totally hierarchical independent comics scene to write her own biography.

Got a question? Feeling a little fancy and have an “inquiry” instead? Email yourhorriblefamily[at]gmail[dot]com. Be sure to include your target recipient (Paul, Izzy, Horrible Uncle Dave, Other) in the subject line.



1. Does this have anything to do with Yankee Hotel Foxtrot or is that just a coincidence?

Coincidence. Good album though.

2. That’s it.

Cool. I’m gonna go read some, write some more now. Love, Paul.