Lose-ing my shit for just a second (how do I delete this terrible pun headline just kidding)

I went to my friendly neighborhood comic book store today (I don’t throw the term “literal mecca” around lightly, but Quimby’s is the literal mecca of cool pictures and words in Chicagoland) to pick up some supplementary reading for a post about a certain Disney-themed zine, when I got derailed by Michael DeForge’s Lose #6 staring me right in the face. You can bet that I’ll be digging into that bad boy later this month, but first I’ve got to wring the fanboy juices out of this rag first.


Yes, I am very excited. Yes. I knew it was in the works, but I didn’t know it was out yet. I am excited. I like Lose. I like Michael DeForge. Oh boy, oh boy. Yes.


Okay. That should be good enough for now. Check the space above for more reckless appreciation of comics/zines/ephemera.